Friday, July 27, 2012

SharePoint 2010 My Sites

Rather than reinvent the wheel or reword what has been said by others, I'm simply posting a collection of good My Site resources, including training sites, courses, and videos from Microsoft:
One important thing to do once you have a My Site host up and running, is to encourage users to upload their picture to help put a face to a name and increase the benefit of SharePoint's social networking features. Here's my tips for getting your picture up on your My Site:
  1. Look professional and work-appropriate. Make sure you're dressed in attire you wear on the job, whether it's business professional, causal, industrial, or other.
  2. Smile, or at least don't frown. You enjoy working for your employer, right? Show them how much!
  3. Use your laptop webcam, phone camera, or personal camera to take a picture of yourself.
  4. Use a picture editor such as Paint to resize the picture to a web-friendly size (e.g., 144x144). Save the resized picture as a jpg.
  5. Edit your My Site profile by going to http://[yourMySiteURL/_layouts/EditProfile.aspx
  6. In the Picture section, click "Choose Picture". Click "Choose File" in the pop-up. Locate the picture you saved in step 4.
  7. Scroll to the botton and click "Save and Close".
  8. Review your My Site profile to make sure it looks good: http://[yourMySiteURL]/Person.aspx

Friday, July 6, 2012

Create a Project Server PWA site at the root URL

If you're like me, you'd rather have your PWA site at something like rather than To do this you need to use a host header, but not when you create the PWA site. This has to be done when you create the web app that will be hosting the PWA site.
  • Get with your DNS admin and have an entry created for PWA. Have this pointed to the load balancer or web front end server that will be hosting the PWA app. 
  • Go to SharePoint Central Administration - Application Management - Manage web applications.
  • Create a new web app to host the PWA site. Use the URL created in step 1 for the Host Header. 
Screenshot 1
  • Complete the rest of the fields as appropriate. 
  • Go to SharePoint Central Administration - Application Management - Manage service applications.
  • Create a new Project Server Service Application. Call it PWA, for example.
  • Once processing is complete, click on the name of the new PWA service app.
  • Click create Project Web App site.
  • Ensure the web app you created above is selected. Type a slash "/" for Project Web App Path. Do NOT select Use Project Web App path as host header (you are already using the appropriate host header in IIS when you created the web app). 
Screenshot 2
Once the PWA site and databases are provisioned, you'll be able to access PWA at (or whatever URL you used).