Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Enterprise Search - Document Promotions

​Document Promotions allow SharePoint Site Collection Administrators to indicate elevated relevancy for documents when certain keywords or synonyms are used in a SharePoint search query. Promoted documents will appear higher up in the results than non-promoted documents. For example, let's say there is a PowerPoint slide deck about subcontractor staffing requirements. However, when people attempt to use SharePoint search to find the presentation by searching for subcontractor staffing requirements, it shows up on the 2nd page of the search results. To have the presentation show up above other documents (meaning any Office file, PDF, or other files indexed by SharePoint search), you would set up a promotion on the keywords.

As you would guess, Document Demotions do the opposite - they allow you to specify that a document be demoted when certain keywords match a search query. Demoted documents appear further down in a set of search results because they are deemed less relevant.
Site Collection administrators have the ability to set Document Promotions and Demotions. All SharePoint Tier 2 analysts have Site Collection administration rights. Some site owners within the sectors have these rights also. 

To set promotions or demotions, a Site Collection Administrator needs to go follow these steps (if you're not a site collection admin, you won't see these menu items and will need to get the assistance of the site owner and/or the SharePoint team):

1. Go to the site containing the document needing to be promoted or demoted.
2. Click Site Actions > Site Settings.
3. Under the Site Collection Administration section, click FAST Search Keywords (note this requires SP2010 Enterprise edition, and FAST installed and deployed).

4. On the Manage Keywords page, click Add Keyword. This is the keyword or phrase used in search queries when you want your document to show up higher in the search results (higher relevancy).
For example, you might enter the phrase subcontractor staffing requirements. For a two-way synonym, you might enter contractor requirements. This means when either the phrase subcontractor staffing requirements or contractor requirements are used as a search query, they terms are treated as equal (synonyms).
Definition is optional, but should be filled out to describe what the keyword or phrase means.
5. Once your keyword has been added, click Add document promotion (or document demotion) from the drop-down menu.

6. Enter an appropriate title and the URL of the item you want to be promoted or demoted in search results (e.g., - example only, not a working URL.)
7. Once your promotion or demotion has been added, click Back to Manage Keywords.

As you see in the above example, I now have a keyword with 1 document promotion.

For more detailed info and instructions visit the Manage FAST Search keywords help document at

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