Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Using OneNote (to keep all your notes in one place)

OneNote is a note-taking application included with Microsoft Office. It's also now available for FREE, you can download it here:
As you may learn on that site, OneNote is capable of organizing content into notebooks, sections, and pages. You can capture many different types of content too... way beyond just note-taking. You can store screen-shots, full copies of files such as Word documents or PowerPoint slide decks, emails, and so on.

One of the big benefits of OneNote is being able to sync notebooks to online storage you can access from any network-connected work computer. You can sync notebooks to offsite cloud storage such as Microsoft OneDrive, a SharePoint site (on premise or Office 365/SharePoint Online), or other remote storage.

OneNote also has great search functionality, being able to search across any open notebooks. Plus, if the notebooks are synced to SharePoint, you, or anyone you've granted access to the notebook's location can use SharePoint search to locate notebook content.
To read more about OneNote and how it can help you organize and find notes and other content, you can read more and watch videos on the Microsoft Office OneNote site:  

You can visit this site to learn how to share OneNote notebooks on SharePoint by using a network location:
In Internet Explorer, simply open the SharePoint library you want to store the notebook in, copy the URL, then in OneNote, choose File, Share, Web Location and enter the URL. Alternatively, you can open the SharePoint library in Windows Explorer mode (on the Library tab, click Open with Explorer), copy the address, then in OneNote, go to File, Share, Network Location, and paste the path there.

I hope this blog post give you a good start on using this great (and now free) tool from Microsoft. Enjoy using OneNote.