Thursday, February 5, 2015

SQL Server 2012 Business Intelligence

Q4 last year, I took a SQL Server course on updating skills to SQL Server 2012 (course 40009A: Updating your Business Intelligence Skills to Microsoft SQL Server 2012). Yes, I know SQL Server 2014 is out, but with Microsoft, it's usually best not to be on the bleeding edge of software releases. Instead, most IT pros will say, unless you really need a new feature of the latest version, it's best to wait until Service Pack 1 has been released since RTM can often have a significant number of bugs, many of which are unknown or discovered by the community (meaning you), and are often fixed by SP1. 
I held a certification in SQL Server 2008R2 Business Intelligence, but wanted to ramp up for 2012 since we've been exploring the Business Intelligence functionality with Microsoft SharePoint and SQL Server, and I have a major project where I'm deploying SharePoint 2013 farms with SQL Server 2012, and it's geared toward Business Intelligence. I of course want to be better versed in the version we are using, and the course, while not highly detailed, was a good introduction to the new features. If you are experienced with SQL Server, particularly 2008R2, which introduced many new and improved BI features, I can recommend that course if, and only if you are going to be using SQL Server 2012. If you are going to be using 2014, you will want to take course 10977B: Updating Your SQL Server Skills to Microsoft SQL Server 2014As far as I've seen, there is no course available yet that also focuses on updating SQL Server Business Intelligence skills. If you're just interested in learning a bit about the new features of SQL Server 2014, download and read through this free ebook from Microsoft: Introducing Microsoft SQL Server 2014.

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